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    Tree Pruning and Tree Services | Northern Tree Services MA Resources For More Information

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Trees don’t just look nice—they provide us with shade, oxygen, and hours of entertainment. The trees on your property have probably been there for so long that they’re like members of the family; as such, you want to do everything you can to make sure they remain in good shape. Contact Northern Tree Service at (888) 441-0439 for more information.

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    • Trees are often a hazard to motorists. To learn more about how trees relate to highways, head over to this page from the Federal Highway Administration.
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    When it comes to trees that provide privacy, there are a lot of available options. Get some great ideas with this page from


    Are Your Overgrown Trees A Safety Risk? | Northern Tree Services MA

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Trees are hardy organisms that can live for decades and weather all kinds of storms. However, some storms are too intense for trees to handle—especially enormous, overgrown trees. Here are a few of the top safety risks that you and your overgrown trees may face during a storm.

    • Debris

    As a tree grows, it gains more leaves, needles, and pine cones, depending on the species. Storms can blow this debris off until they’re all over your home and property. It may not seem that bad, but a wild flurry of tree debris can clog your rain gutters, damage your car’s paint job, or incur many other types of property damage.

    • Branches

    Just as with leaves, an overgrown tree accumulates extra branches. A windy storm can knock down these branches and break windows, disrupt power lines, and wreak all kinds of havoc on and around your property. If a tree on your property seems overgrown, then you should call a professional tree service and have an arborist prune it down to a manageable size.

    • Tree fall

    Most people think that trees grow stronger as they grow larger. In reality, the extra size makes nourishment more difficult, weakening the tree. In addition to a weakened frame, the extra leaves and branches give an overgrown tree more mass and volume against which the wind can blow, making it more likely to topple. This can be a particularly difficult cleanup and can be disastrous should the tree fall on your home.  

    Violent storms are scary enough without the prospect of falling trees; if you’re looking for an experienced tree service in Massachusetts, then contact us at Northern Tree Service. Our expert arborists would be happy to come to your property and prune any overgrown trees before they become a hazard. We also provide tree transplanting, land-clearing, and any sort of emergency tree service. Give us a call at (888) 441-0439.  


    Great Trees to Plant for Creating Privacy

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Whether or not you like your neighbors, there are times when you’d like to enjoy the simple pleasure of privacy. However, large walls sometimes send the wrong message to your neighbors and add an unsightly element to your landscape. Instead, you could achieve beauty and privacy by planting several lovely trees along your property. Here are three species of trees recommended by arborists: 

    1. Arborvitae


    Latin for “tree of life,” Arborvitae can give your yard a wonderful sense of privacy and beauty. Tall, slim, and inexpensive, they offer excellent privacy when placed side by side. Plant these trees while they’re young and they’ll grow quickly until they’re up to 15 feet or higher. Even the nosiest neighbor will have trouble peeping over this wonderful flora.   

    2. Leyland Cypress

    One of the most popular trees for privacy, the Leyland Cypress grows up to 3-4 feet per year and requires very little maintenance. They’re also extremely resilient, with the ability to handle wide extremes in precipitation and temperature. Like arborvitae, Leyland Cypress trees are evergreens, meaning they retain their foliage all year round, providing you and your family with constant privacy.    

    3. Thuja Green Giant

    A cross between the Western Redcedar and the Japanese Thuja, the Thuja Green Giant naturally grows into wonderful cone shape and does not require pruning. In addition to harsh weather, the Thuja Green Giant is wonderfully hardy against fungi, diseases, insects, and animals. They also give off a pleasant aroma that will leave your yard smelling fresh all year long.

     If you’re having trouble deciding which trees to plant in your yard, then contact Northern Tree Service. Our arborists know exactly which trees are great for privacy, yet do not compromise the aesthetic of your landscape. In addition to helping you with tree selection and placement, our arborists can provide land clearing, tree transplanting, emergency tree services, and much more. Give us a call today at (888) 441-0439.  


    More Information About Northern Tree Services Recent Blog Topics? Dig Deeper With These Helpful Resources

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Picking out the right tree for your yard means sorting through all the available options and balancing the advantages and disadvantages that come with each species. And your task doesn't end once you've planted the tree; you still have to ensure that it's well cared for. To learn more about trees, check out these excellent sites or call Northern Tree Service at (888) 441-0439.

    For your tree care and tree service needs call Northern Tree Services, Springfield, at (888) 441-0439.

    iPhone APP | Tree Identification Guide

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Wherever you go in America, you are bound to stumble across a tree you have never seen before. Have you ever wondered how to identify a tree?

    With the Arbor Day Tree Identification Guide, you will be able to easily identify almost any tree you run across. The application includes a full-color guide to 250 of the most common trees in North America, including all the identifying traits you will need. You can even keep track of all the trees you have identified and note their location.

    When you need a tree specialist, call Northern Tree Service. We provide a wide range of tree services for homeowners and businesses, including tree planting and removal as well as 24-hour emergency tree service. To learn more about us, visit our website today or call us at (888) 441-0439.

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